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Dear customer,


You may have already noticed it, but recently your security partner Desmidt answers to the name Benoit Security.


For more than forty years, we are a well-established value in Knokke, known as ‘Desmidt’, nevertheless Desmidt and Benoit are one and the same since 2000.


The story of Desmidt Security begins in 1975 when Werner Desmidt, born and raised in Knokke, starts up a local security company. That same year, my father Dirk Benoit, also founds the family business Benoit Elektronika in Waregem.


In 2000, Desmidt Electronics was acquired by Benoit Elektronika and following the many years after the acquisition, both businesses continued to exist under their original names.


When I, Liesbeth Benoit, second generation in the family business, acquired both companies in 2018, I also gave Tras Security from Roosdaal a new home in 2019. After this, we were in search of a new house style.


Our new look, new home style, colours and logo are now brought together under one and the same name: Benoit Security.


From now on, our three branches will continue to exist under the name Benoit Security. Besides our new name and our new look, nothing changes for you as customer. We will continue to provide our service. The faces, the team, the people, the location… they stay the same.



We are not a group. We operate as a family. A house of trust built on the right foundations: people. Your trusted team in Knokke led by Tony Deketele, will be, as always, at your service 24/7!


I thank you for your trust and welcome you in our renovated office.


My best regards!




Liesbeth Benoit

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